Experienced Roof Experts at Your Service

Gold Roof is owned by Antonio “Tony” Ruiz, who has more than 10 years of experience in the industry. With him at the helm, we always strive to uphold quality and variety in every job that we do. When you choose us, you can rest assured that we use the proper equipment for each procedure. Our crew is also highly knowledgeable.

If you’re looking for experts that safely remove ice dams and heavy snow on your roof, we’re the right people to call. We will work hard to meet and exceed your expectations.

Mission Statement

Gold Roof aims to be the one-stop shop for roof solutions in Twin Cities, MN. We carefully consider every feedback we receive to provide topnotch customer service to every person we transact with. Through this practice, we are able to widen our range of services and satisfy each client that trusts us.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to provide our clients with quality and safe roofing services using the most advanced and reliable equipment in the industry. We also strive to offer a wide range of solutions that will address the concerns of our patrons.